Toktok Franchise Success Story of Princess Norecel

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Toktok Franchise Success Story of Princess Norecel

Take the example of Princess Ybanez. She explained her point of view that helped her reach her ideal earning milestone.

“If you have your own business, then you won’t see any problems with Toktok. The subsidiary company, Toktok, is working with a separate financial strategy that provides delivery services similar to other successful business models. The only difference is they bring down the operation role to franchise operator instead of a centralized company like Grab or Foodpanda. So, signing in into a franchise allows you to operate within the parameters of their business model, offering you to expand your riders to increase profitability”.

 Princess Ybanez is an opportunist, easily ready to take action to change her fortune.

The webinar and step-by-step process were a big hit for her. She could easily judge the scope of delivery services in the pandemic where every one of us needs things delivered to our doorstep. She has already marked the first milestone of earning her kitchen money and working on expanding her income potential. Because the best thing about the Tok Tok Online franchise is the potential of generating unlimited income.

- Flight Attendant

"Upon learning about toktok, a delivery service app that was launched last December 2020 which offered online franchising, she did not hesitate to try new kind of business, realizing that delivery is in demand especially now that many are still staying home and relies only with delivery for their needs."

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